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In today’s business environment change is key to survival.  Yet implementing change is more challenging than ever.  If you want to improve your bottom line through change – not change just for the sake of – and you can’t afford to spend too much time and energy on it, you need to read ChangeSmart™: Implementing Change Without Lowering Your Bottom Line.

Managers are on the front line of any change a company wants to make. As a manager, it is up to you to get employees to change their behavior and do what is required.  Unfortunately, you’re not always given the tools you need to inspire such actions in others.  Reading ChangeSmart™ will help.

In over 20 years in business, Dr. Banks Cohn has experienced change as an employee, implemented change as a manager, and advised on change as a consultant.  Drawing on all of her experiences, she has devised the ChangeSmart™ framework to help busy managers like you take the actions you need to affect successful change.  Change management is all about connecting to the power of your employees in order to effect transformation. ChangeSmart™ is full of the practical advice and tools you need to make those connections and achieve success. 


Taking the Leap: Managing Your Career in Turbulent Times…and Beyond answers the question on everyone’s mind today: what does it take to successfully navigate your career challenging times when jobs are tight, competition is fierce, markets are changing and technology is redefining how we work and network?

Whether you are in the middle of your career, or just starting out we all have at least one thing in common - we want to have a long and fulfilling career. Some of us might be waiting for things to return to “normal” but who knows what the new “normal” will be? As citizens of the world we are all finding out how closely our fortunes are tied together. The rules in the business world transform daily and sometimes it is hard to keep up with the pace of change.

Taking the Leap can help you achieve your goals by focusing on three critical areas: Personal Leadership, Change Management and Communication. Dr. Beth Banks Cohn and Ms. Roz Usheroff blend their complementary expertise – Cohn in change management and leadership development and Usheroff in communication and executive branding – to bring you career-boosting strategies along with activities and case examples that will benefit you at any stage of your career. Gaining expertise in these foundational skills can lead you to shape the kind of career you always hoped for today and in whatever the future holds.Want even more information on this or related topics?

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Click on the following titles to download in PDF


Top Ten Myths of Change Leadership

Top Ten Essential Actions for Change Leadership

Change Communication: You can never be TOO good at this

Building Resiliency

Motivation in Times of Change

ChangeSmart: Implementing Change Without Lowering Your Bottom Line

Dramatic Change: Using Empathy to Focus on Business Results

Cultural Blind Spots: Country

Cultural Blind Spots: Company

Mergers and Acquisitions: Simplify the Complexity


Myth #6: Resistance is Bad

Leadership During Transitions

Myth#7: No News is Good News

Change Myth #8: Saying Everything Once is Enough

Business Challenge: Long Time Employee Refuses to Change

Culture Clash - When Two Companies Merge

When Positive Change Falls Flat

Keeping Your "Plan B" Alive


Downsizing: Don't forget your employees that stay

Sustaining Change: The devil is in the details

Managing Employee 'Sense of Loss'

Give Change a Chance

Talking Through the Future

You Downsized Your Workforce…What about the Work?

So You've Reorganized…Now What?

Case Studies

Case Study: Sales Force Reorganization

Case Study: Two Department Merger

Case Study: New Marketing Strategy



Beth Banks Cohn, PhD, founder and president of ADRA Change Architects, is dedicated to helping you and your organization reach your full business potential…
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ChangeSmart™ Advantage

Change is a fact of life today in business, but that doesn’t make it any easier to carry out successfully. ChangeSmart™ is a framework, a way to approach change. It is a roadmap for success.
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Improve your bottom line through change.



Achieve your goals by focusing on three critical areas.


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