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Beth Banks Cohn, PhD is the founder and president of Adra Change Architects, a consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full business potential.

With over 20 years of business experience and a varied education which includes a Master’s degree in Human Resource Education and an MA in Organization Development, and a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, Dr. Banks Cohn brings a special blend of business practicality and human psychology to her work.  Each business solution Beth provides is tailored specifically to the unique environment and business goals of her clients.

For the better part of two decades, Beth worked for Johnson & Johnson and consulted domestically and internationally with a wide range of disciplines; sales and marketing, information technology, human resources and manufacturing, to name just  a few.  In her consulting practice she continues this work and consults to a wide range of businesses including pharmaceutical, software,and retail.  Beth is a recognized expert in change management and leadership as well as corporate culture.

Dr. Banks Cohn believes that successful business transformation will lead to continued company growth.  No matter whether the change is small or large, a company that executes an integrated change plan significantly increases their chances for achieving their future business goals.  Beth believes that all successes within a business begin and end with people.  As individuals grow and develop, so too, does the business.

Beth is certified in a wide variety of business tools including the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) which identifies an individual’s preferences as well as the Kolbe Index, which measures a person’s natural instincts.  Dr. Banks Cohn has used these tools to work with groups and teams from around the world.

During her tenure at Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Banks Cohn led the creation of several leadership and employee development programs.  The Information Management Leadership Development Program helped technical managers become more effective business leaders.  The Janssen Center for Leadership Studies allowed management to choose their own path to acquiring and enhancing their leadership skills.



Beth Banks Cohn, PhD, founder and president of ADRA Change Architects, is dedicated to helping you and your organization reach your full business potential…
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ChangeSmart™ Advantage

Change is a fact of life today in business, but that doesn’t make it any easier to carry out successfully. ChangeSmart™ is a framework, a way to approach change. It is a roadmap for success.
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